Used machinery Import Conditions – What you need to know before importing used machinery into Australia.

April 05, 2017

Below is the current information received from The Department of Agriculture & Water Resources regarding new import requirements for ‘used’ machinery and equipment.  Further information will be provided as it comes to hand.




Changes have been made to the import conditions for used machinery. These changes include:

  • Used machinery will be classified as high risk or low risk.

  • High risk used machinery is machinery and equipment that has been used in the following environments offshore; agricultural, construction, food processing machinery, earth moving, grain milling or harvesting, mining or oil field and timber felling or processing

  • All used machinery classified as high risk will require offshore treatment to remove all biosecurity risks prior to import into Australia. 

  • Approved offshore treatment providers are available to provide this service. Treatment can also be performed by ‘non approved’ providers.

  • Evidence that high risk used machinery has been cleaned to a satisfactory standard must be provided to the department prior to import. Evidence must show that the cleaning has been undertaken to an acceptable standard and include information on the make and model, dismantling, age of the machinery and hours of usage, port of origin (if not the shipping port), manifest of inner cargo, the use of the machinery offshore including the kind of environment it has been used in (this includes field-tested machinery), photographs that illustrate the level of cleanliness and an offshore treatment certificate (if applicable), the offshore biosecurity risk management controls and treatments that have been applied to the machinery and where and how the machinery is or will be stored prior to import.

  • Prior to import, the evidence will be assessed by the department and the importer or nominated broker/agent will be advised of the outcome of the assessment. The advice will be to allow import or advise further treatment is required prior to import.

  • On arrival into Australia, the high risk used machinery will be inspected to verify that evidence provided prior to import matches the machine that is imported, and confirm that the used machinery is free from biosecurity risks.

  • Evidence of cleaning prior to import is not required for low risk used machinery but all lower risk used machinery must be imported clean and free from biosecurity risks. All lower risk used machinery will be inspected on arrival.

  • Information and cleaning guides are available on the department’s website to assist offshore cleaning providers.

  • For more information, discuss with your broker or agent or contact the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources via email at



Additional Links to The Department of Agriculture – information & cleaning guide:


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