Urgent actions to protect against Khapra Beetle – Phase 6A: New measures for target risk containers

March 05, 2021


Please read the below broadcast, new measures come into force very soon and they may affect you!  If you fail to follow the new measures, Quarantine will not allow your container/s to be discharged from the vessel and immediate export at your own cost will be directed.  Please take the time to read and understand the below.

Who it affects & from when:

Target Risk Containers
FCL / FCX containers packed with high-risk plant products in a Khapra Beetle target risk country for containers shipped on or after 12th April 2021


FCL / FCX containers where other goods are packed into the sea container in a Khapra Beetle target risk country and delivered to a rural grain growing area in Australia (regardless of commodity).   From Mid-2021 (The Department will advise of the implementation date as soon as possible).
Note: ISO tanks, reefers, flat racks, LCL /FAK and containers that will be shipped as empty containers are excluded from the measures. 

What is required:

Target risk containers must be treated offshore and accompanied by a valid treatment certificate.  Treated offshore using a department approved treatment option prior to loading goods Accompanied by a valid offshore treatment certificate or phytosanitary certificate. 

Goods arriving in Australia without offshore treatment will require immediate export at the importers cost.  

Target Risk Countries: target risk country

High-Risk Plant Products:  high-risk plant products  
Offshore Treatment Options & Rates for sea containers:  

Note:  The below is a mandatory requirement of Phase 6A, treatment of commodities (if required as per BICON) are separate.

Methyl Bromide Fumigation
Prior to loading the goods, the container must be fumigated with a dose of 80 g/m3 or above, at 21C or above, for a minimum of 48 hours, with an end point reading of 20 g/m3 or above.  The fumigation must be conducted in a sheeted enclosure and in accordance with the department’s Methyl Bromide Fumigation Methodology.

Heat Treatment
Prior to loading the goods, the container must be heat treated at 60C or higher for a minimum of 120 minutes.  The treatment must be conducted in accordance with the Heat Treatment Methodology.  Additional container-specific heat treatment instructions will be released prior to implementation of Phase 6A.

Insecticide Spray
Prior to loading the goods, the container must be sprayed with contact insecticide.  Additional details on this treatment option will be released prior to implementation of Phase 6A.


We will provide additional information as it comes to hand regarding upcoming measures for containers requiring delivery to rural grain growing areas in Australia (mid 2021) and new measures for FAK/LCL/empty containers and additional High-Risk Plant Products (late 2021).
For more information, please follow the below links or access via QR codes:



As always, our team are here to help provide guidance.  Please reach out to import@tayper.com.au with any questions relating to the new measures and how they can affect your shipments.
Thank you
Tayper Team
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