Stink Bug Season Requirements Updated

August 20, 2018

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Newsletter 20/8/18

The Department of Agriculture & Water Resources original policy/season requirements stated all LCL and FAK high risk targeted goods required mandatory offshore treatment.

Today the Department have updated their policy allowing for onshore treatment of LCL and FAK goods.

Updates Seasonal measures here:

Mandatory offshore or onshore treatment of target high risk goods shipped as containerised cargo in sealed six sided containers, such as FCL (full container load), FCX (full container consolidated), LCL (less than container load) and FAK (freight of all kinds).
Containerised cargo with target high risk goods may be treated on arrival in Australia at the container level. Deconsolidation or removal of goods will not be permitted prior to treatment.

Notification here:

Importers should note this revised policy is expected to result in increased clearance delays at the border due to identification of treated and non-treated containerised cargo, and limited onshore capacity of storage facilities at approved arrangement sites and onshore treatment provider premises.
To minimise clearance delays, industry are encouraged to have their target risk goods treated offshore and at container level, where possible. Cargo reports and Full Import Declarations (FIDs) should be lodged accurately and as early as possible to assist with identifying and assessing these containers.

Further to the above, The Department have also made an exemption from BMSB requirements for new machinery, vehicles and/or new complex parts and equipment providing a manufacturers declaration is provided, with evidence that:

  • The goods are new, un used and not field tested and factory trialled and
  • That the goods have been manufactured on or after 1 December 2018

Exemption here:

Information on this notice is as per advised by DAWR website at time of sending – 20/8/18

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