Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

March 19, 2020

As the world is facing this unprecedented and rapidly evolving situation, we wish to advise all of our valued clients, service providers and the public that we are operating under our contingency plan and that you can rest assured it is business as usual for our company. 

Tayper’s focus is on keeping our team safe and healthy to continue providing our highest level of service to our clients and working with our agents and service providers to do that. 

Our management team are monitoring various forms of information, following the guidance issued by Government authorities and are constantly in communication with our team to discuss updates and measures in place.  We are also sharing the latest information with our worldwide network of agents to ensure we are getting up to date and correct details.

The Tayper team are all completing the personal hygiene preventative measures of; hand washing, hand sanitisation, social distancing, cleaning their workspaces and equipment each morning and common areas morning and afternoon on rotation.  Prominent signage and hand sanitisers are at all entry points to our premise and throughout to advise and remind of the measures.  At this time, we are requesting no unnecessary visitors or visits, with phone and email being the preferred communication methods.

In line with the Government requirements and recommendations, our policies and contingency plan collectively cover the requirements of any team member staying away from work until cleared if we consider them a risk to the safety of the rest of the team, being through sickness or recent travel.

Please note some key information:

  •  A lot of flights have been cancelled and shipping lines have blank sailings in response to cargo movements being reduced. 
  • Airfreight business has increased due to delays caused by mandatory shutdowns making some cargo more urgent, the normal airfreight costs have now been marked up to a premium by the airlines still flying, so please consider the urgency of your needs.
  • China is in recovery mode with manufacturing now back up and running.  Workers have returned in most or all capacity. 
  • Italy is on lockdown with businesses classed as essential still operating, most essential business is on skeleton staff with shift work to meet social distancing requirements. 
  • The USA have closed their borders, with only essential travel allowed and have implemented what they are calling “soft-quarantine” where only essential businesses are allowed to operate, which include International Logistics suppliers and ports. 

Overall, if cargo is being produced and available then there are the services to move it, noting some delays may be experienced.  We recommend our clients discuss with their suppliers the lead time on cargo being available and then we can then work a solution for your cargo movements and clearances to you. 

As always, we are equipped with the resources to provide our services to our clients and support our industry.  If you have any queries don’t hesitate to ask!  Our team are here and ready to assist with your importing and exporting needs.  Thanks for your continued support.

Take care,

The Tayper Team

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