Packing Declaration Templates

July 04, 2018
Newsletter dated 22/03/18

Is your supplier providing you with the correct Packing Declaration for your Seafreight shipments being imported into Australia?

There have been quite a few changes over the last couple of years and many different versions of templates distributed to suppliers.  Since the 20th of November 2017 the newest format has been in distribution which states ‘bamboo packaging’ is now acceptable.

Unfortunately, we are still seeing more than 90% of our clients providing non-acceptable declarations from suppliers.  This will hold up the processing of import declarations to Border Force (Customs) and The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (Quarantine). We understand the many and subtle changes that Quarantine have made may have caused confusion and some suppliers may not be aware of the latest version!  We are here to assist in ensuring the correct Packing Declaration format is known and used as per Quarantine requirements.

From the 1st of July 2018, the declaration which can be downloaded from our website ( will be the only declaration accepted by Quarantine.

We strongly suggest you ensure your supplier has the correct format and starts using it now to avoid delays come the 1st of July.

The correct declaration MUST state ‘Unacceptable Packaging’ and MUST state ‘Timber/Bamboo Packaging/Dunnage Statement’.

Please do not ignore this information! Please ensure you distribute the correct format to your suppliers, check your documents and send them through to us as soon as you can.  

This will help with avoiding delays in future clearances. Please contact if you require a copy of the correct format Packing Declaration in a Word version rather than pdf version.

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