Major Delays in Export Shipping From Australia

April 16, 2021
You may or may not know that there has been a number of factors that are having a severe impact on export shipping from Australia. The Worldwide Pandemic has created an unprecedented demand for both shipping space and empty container availability in all overseas ports as well as a significant impact here in Australia.

Many shipping lines have been caught short with empty container supply which might seem odd because of the now growing imbalance of imports over exports. All shipping lines are scrambling to reposition these empty containers back into markets that have acute shortages and pent up demand. This repositioning is causing space issues in Australia where up to 40% of export capacity is being soaked up by this repatriation process.

Accordingly, we are finding that in all export trades we are having to book space up to 8 weeks in advance. We have found that space availability is being soaked up very quickly and the previous practice of having access to bookings at short notice is no longer.   

Our advice to you if you are looking to export over the coming months is that you contact us so we can attempt to book as you require but be prepared to be flexible with both your timing and other requirements as they may not be able to be satisfied. The days of booking one week and shipping the next are now not possible. Also, we are finding the sailing schedules are subject to change without notice, another reason to secure your booking earlier, remember we can always cancel or modify the booking should circumstances change.

We will always endeavour to place bookings as you require and we have allocated additional resources to try to manage this, but we need your help and understanding to ensure your shipment gets away when you want it to, so we implore you to think well ahead so we have the best opportunity to secure both the space and container allocation that suits your requirements.

As always, our team are here to help provide guidance.  Please reach out to with any questions relating to the current delays and how they can affect your shipments.
Thank you
Tayper Team
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